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A New Way to Get Some Aggression Out!

So last night I went to B-Dubs in Grandview to watch UFC . I have to admit I was a bit hesitant to go because watching a bunch of grown men beat each other silly didnt exactly seem like a good time. The bar was super crowded and every table was taken but we got seats at the bar which actually ended up working out pretty well. Brad and Joy knew the bartender there so that was cool. Now I was in a bit of a pissy mood so at first I was kinda quiet but when the fights got started I totally got into them. Half of the fun was listening to the simultaneous shouts that came from the whole bar whenever a guy would take a particularly bad hit. It's weird-you find yourself shouting at the tv without even realizing it! It was a fantastic stress reliever! We stayed out til 1am-we had to catch the main event! Other highlights from the night included the trivia question that asked what you would do with a shuttlecock (dirty!!!) and Brad making friends with a random drunk stranger next to him who appeared to want to share all his knowlege on UFC. Brad's friend Brett showed up around midnight and the first thing he asked me is if the mama cow from the fair gave birth yet. It made me miss that sweet cow! I hope she's ok! That's all I just had to share my newfound stress reliever. :)

I need a pet cow

 So my first official blog...how exciting! I'm sure it wont be anything fantastic considering I'm not exactly a professional writer but oh well this is mostly for me anyway. :)  So last night I had one of those "so this is what I'm supposed to be doing with my life" moments which was pretty spectacular. I was at the Ohio State Fair with Lynette and Eric last night...not exactly the usual place for coming to any great realizations about life but whatever! Now the realization was not that I want to become a carnie although that would be entertaining I'm sure. It happened while I was at the OVMA (Ohio Veterinary Medical Association) area which was basically just an area with a few cows in pens. One cow had just given birth that morning and the calf was so adorable. Then there was another cow who was pregnant and was probably gonna give birth within a few hours. She was such a sweet cow and since I've always had a love for dairy cows I went right up to give her a scratch on the head which cows usually enjoy. Someone behind me whispered (rather loudly) "wow she's petting that cow!". It made me realize the misconceptions people have about cows and other large animals as being unfriendly and wild. Apparently I was wearing a badge that I didnt notice that said "ask me about this cow" because several people kept coming up to me and asking questions about the newborn calf and the pregnant cow. I found myself talking with people for a while about lots of animal related things and once they found out I was a vet that opened up the lines of communication even more. I was having so much fun-my poor friends were just standing there probably wanting to go look at something else! So anyway every person I talked to expressed their gratitude for teaching them something new and one little girl even said "it was so fun talking to you and I hope I get to see a cow being born some day!" It was so cute. Anyways after walking around a bit more at the fair I began to realize how good I felt about that little experience. It's something I haven't felt in a LONG time cause pretty much lately I just have felt like nothing I do is right or productive in any way. I think some of that feeling just had to do with being around cows which I have always loved. When I was in vet school and stressed about something I used to go to the barn and hang out with the cows and goats and it always made me feel better. However I think the even bigger reason for me being so excited and passionate about something again was just being able to talk to people and share what I know. I LOVE talking about animals and I enjoy it even more when I can teach someone something they didnt know or get rid of a misconception they may have had about an animal. I'm never one to talk about what I'm good at but over the years and especially in vet school I've had alot of people tell me how good my skills are with talking to people in a way that they'll understand but not feel like they're being talked down to-something I think more doctors (both human and animal) need to work on big time! I'm not sure exactly what I could do with this skill but the obvious thing that comes to mind is teaching in some capacity. I'm not sure if it would necessarily need to be as a veterinarian cause I think I could be just as happy teaching more general education on animals or on handling animals. I think thats part of why I was so hugely attracted to going overseas-so many people could improve on their lifestyle and that of their animals if they just had a bit of education. Plus from my experience the people in Central America were more than willing to learn ways to better their situation-they just had no one to teach them. I still have a huge desire to go overseas but I think that's several years away so I just need to think of a way to do do what I did over there here in the states. That's the part I keep getting stuck on...But anyways I'm so happy I chose to go to the fair because I think I terribly needed that boost of being in my element again. It was good affirmation that God wants me to work with animals in some capacity.

I have a PhD in horribleness

 Hi I'm a blogger now! If you don't get the subject reference, you should google it. :) More to come later...

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